By day I am an office bee and an unashamed data lover! However! By night (and at weekends) I am a singer-songwriter and have been so for too many years to mention 😉

Having completed the obligatory stint in a teenage boy-girl band back in the early 00’s, my next big music step was to sell my first car for a week recording in Soho Recording Studios in London. Soon after that I finished college, started my first full-time job and my music gathered dust on my Mac for a couple of years.

In 2012, I recorded and released an EP called Save the Day to raise awareness for mental health, following which I spent a couple of years as lead singer of a Cork based rock/blues band named The Misdemeanours.

Most recently I’ve been recording my original material, along with some covers I like and using YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook to share my music. I love that we have the opportunity to use channels like this to share our passion, regardless of whether you are lucky enough to be able to do that full time or if you follow your dreams after 5pm.

Happy Listening