About me

Niamh Brady

“We are but a collection of humans. Each one of us both imperfect and perfect at the same time.”

About me

Niamh Brady is an experienced business professional who has worked with both Irish and multinational companies for more than 10 years. She has a wide range of practical experience across Recruitment, Project Management, Service Delivery, Delivery Operations and Sales Operations.

Niamh holds a bachelor degree in Business Studies in Information Systems and a master’s degree in Data Business. Niamh is currently studying for a Diploma in Life Coaching with the ICI.

Niamh’s ethos is Fèinghrà (self-love) and strives to take a holistic approach to both personal and professional coaching needs. To support this, Niamh has a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training / Fitness Instructor, for clients who would like to include the improvement of health and fitness as part of their goals.

My Mission

My mission is to support clients in unlocking their full potential with an ethos of Fèinghrà (self-love). Based in Cork, I work with clients in person and also offer services using Skype for clients further afield.

How we help

If you have a professional or personal goal which you would like to achieve, coaching can provide you with the support and motivation to be successful. This includes areas such as:

Moving job

Putting the best foot forward whether you are moving to a new role, company or industry

Returning to work

Returning to the workplace with confidence

Improving work-life balance

Taking a holistic view to reveal the best version of yourself

Deal with Stress

Better managing stress and stressful situations

Lifestyle Change

Making a lifestyle change, such as improving health & fitness

Life Skills

Developing a life skill, such as public speaking, time management or managing personal finances

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