I walked through town the night before Christmas Eve and it was impossible not to notice the amount of people sleeping in doorways.

Homelessness is not a new problem but this was different. This time it wasn’t a handful of people scattered in doorways. This time it was four people cuddled up in one doorway – and it was repeated again, and again.

I was struck with the harsh contrast between two worlds on one street. And I was reminded there are currently so many people today currently walking the tightrope between these two worlds; desperately trying to keep themselves out of homelessness.

Looking towards 2018, I’ve made a conscious decision to do more to help by supporting those charities who do so much. Superhuman was written about anyone who has found themselves on the tightrope, and I hope it helps at least one person to keep on going.


Superhuman Lyrics

Wrong Way to Love

I am sure many people have had someone who loved them the wrong way and this song hopes to capture that situation. I tried to keep the music simple to allow the message of the song to come through and I now understand when people say it’s often most difficult to keep something simple! Again this was written and recorded in the back room of my bungalow so I hope you like it.


Something New

When I decided to experiment with recording my own material in the back room of my bungalow, I thought I would be able to complete at least one song a month. Easy right?

It turns out it isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Without the structure of going into a studio, other things keep taking the top spot on the to do list and I found that music was being squeezed in among everything else. And of course there is also the day job!

I finally completed my latest track, Something New, this weekend and it’s available on Soundcloud and Youtube. It’s written about significant changes in life and the internal struggle people sometimes have with embracing something new. As always, LogicPro was my helpful aid in creating the music.

Hope you like it!