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Our Mission

We inspire people to rediscover the joy of work by challenging them to think differently and by teaching them new ways to manage their time, energy, and attention.

Our Vision

To create a better workday for professionals worldwide.

Our Values


Be kind to yourself and others.


Life is complicated, keep work simple.


Everyone deserves a better workday, we can all play a part.


Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.


Memorable experiences help imprint learning.

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About Niamh

Niamh stepped into the world of work at the age of 11 with the family business where she could be found in the small back office, helping to count the cash and order stock. Niamh continued to work part-time and college in the retail sector. A “people person” at heart, she discovered the joy in work when helping other -whether it was deciding what food to order or which suit to buy.

Niamh’s interest in productivity began with her first job after college. She received a phone and laptop, but no advice on how to manage her time and effort. All around her, the people who seemed to be progressing were also the ones facing burn-out. Niamh quickly fell into poor working habits and struggled to keep her head above water. Determined to break the cycle, Niamh tried and tested countless productivity methods, and combined with them over a decade of experience in project management and operations with the result being “A Better Workday”.

Niamh defines productivity as “achieving what you intend to do in a manner which supports both the outcome and a person’s overall wellbeing”. With over 12 years of industry experience in the Technology sector and a young family, she has experienced the challenges of achieving work-life balance first-hand.

Niamh is committed to making the information and tools to improve productivity available to every professional who is striving to improve how they work and live. She achieves this through individual coaching and a better “Workday” course and workshops. In 2020 Niamh published her eBook, “Remote Working Essentials which is a practical guide to balancing productivity and wellbeing while working from home.