I felt I was slipping time management wise so that’s why I signed up with Niamh. Niamh was amazing in helping me see where I needed focus and what I needed to let go of. I now have a proper time management plan in going forward.

Thank you again Niamh. For anyone wondering do these sessions work- OMG I am in awe of her expertise and fun way to make you realise what are your priorities, but also to make time for you. If you give yourself time to grow, your business will grow with you.

Maura Mackey

Maura Mackey Designs

My work day has certainly been so much better since my training with Niamh! I'm a procrastinator, always too busy to get anything done and dreaded my to-do list but Niamh showed me steps to take control of my day by managing my to-do list and my time effectively - simple steps but definitely not easy. I loved that she fully embraced the challenges that Covid-19 placed upon the training - it was completely online and she made the most of the resources at her disposal to help me.

Her templates for planning have been invaluable and I've felt so much more productive than I have in a long time. At all times, she was professional, approachable and she certainly challenged me - she encouraged me to delete my work email app from my phone, something which terrified me at first but which has set me free over the last few weeks. I would thoroughly recommend Niamh's A Better Workday programme and would highly recommend Niamh as a coach who will push you in all the right ways and directions.

Gillian Hennessy, Triskel Arts

Centre, A Better Workday Master Class

I recently completed Niamh’s A Better Workday Masterclass. The timing of doing her course could not have been better; work was getting increasingly busier, every day seemed like a long sprint and while I was working hard I felt I was not achieving much. I had become a slave to my emails and not spending the time I needed on my core tasks.

A Better Workday has helped me prioritise the fundamental tasks of what my job is, the importance of planning and creating false deadlines, but more importantly taking control from my inbox. Niamh, as she says herself has read all the books, tried and tested all the models /tools and now shares her insights of “the best of the best'' in her workshops. She tailors the content depending on the needs of each candidate, it's not a “one size fits all '' course but one that bends and delivers to achieve individual objectives.

The course is light good humored while packed with practical hints and tips, her website compliments her course as it shares simple and useful tools. I wish you every success and I would definitely recommend the A Better Workday Masterclass to friends, colleagues and family.

Elaine Wilson

Bluechip Financial Consulting, A Better Workday Masterclass

We met Niamh when she delivered a coaching session with our team of 60 employees during our Company Conference in Croke Park in January 2020. Our session was entitled ‘My 2020 – Steps for Success’, focusing on how we can help each other more and what are the productivity dips we all can face.

The session was excellent and really well received by our whole group. The team found Niamh to be hugely engaging, informative, very understanding to the challenges we face and overall great fun. We adopted many of the techniques that were explored on the day and the team joined a follow up webinar with Niamh which was hugely beneficial.

Thank you Niamh for joining us and facilitating a very productive session.

Michelle Murphy

Director, Collins McNicholas

Niamh Brady delivered a coaching session on productivity skills to a group of over 75 diverse personnel within PFH. I was constantly impressed by her exceptional ability and skill to keep the whole group attentive and engaged throughout the session. Her use of social media for questions and polls was unique.

I know she was listened to as I found one of the delegates enacting one of her life skills tips the following week.

I would highly recommend Niamh to deliver a quality A Better Workday course.

Chris Casey

Services Director PFH Technology Group

I had been striving in my last few jobs to obtain a VP of Sales role unsuccessfully. Niamh and I worked together to identify the steps required to achieve my goals and we developed a strategy to support it.

Niamh did a great job of coaching me through the process - holding me accountable, driving clarity of vision and actions with a strong balance of support and direct, honest feedback.

The result was achievement of that goal and I highly recommend her services.


6 Month Coaching Programme

Had a great session with Niamh recently. Apart from a stack of practical help and tips for a specific area I was looking for help with, I also came away with a new outlook on a lot of things.

She helped me to see a different approach to problems, and new opportunities, some of which I wasn't even considering as they passed me by. She has taught me skills I have really been able to apply to all areas of my life. It’s probably 3 weeks since my session with her now and it has really stuck with me day to day. It’s easy to get yourself in a rut or just doing the same thing the same way but having Niamh come in with fresh eyes and the most can do attitude I’ve ever come across has proved to have a long last effect on me.

Will definitely use this service again, it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be.”


CV and Interview Coaching Session

I would highly recommend Niamh. She is so calming, non-judgmental and passionate. She has set me off on my new journey.


3 Coaching Sessions