Remote Working Essentials Book

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The result will be a better workday from home, where you can be more productive while also looking after your wellbeing.

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Remote Working Essentials

Remote Working Essentials is a practical, hands-on guide to successfully work from home, while also looking after your wellbeing.

Whether you are working from home for the first time, looking to improve how you currently work from home or want to better manage your remote team, this book is packed with information to help you.

Sharing tips for working remotely and the skills necessary to plan, organise and implement everything from your home office setting and accessories to managing your time, energy and commitments, Niamh also demonstrates how to ensure you are communicating effectively and still feel part of a team while working remotely.

Niamh’s mission is to create a better workday for professionals worldwide. By sharing her knowledge of remote working, she is committed to helping as many people as possible find the balance between work and wellbeing while working from home.

Benefits for Readers


Find the balance between work and wellbeing


Manage your time, energy and commitments better.


Practical advice and tools to help you work remotely.


Communicate effectively while working from home.


Support your remote team to achieve their goals.

Book Reviews


“This little gem of a book is filled to the brim with neat facts, practical advice, clever thinking prompts and useful templates to make WFH a breeze.”

Julie via Amazon


“Great insights from someone who was doing this long before COVID-19 forced the rest of us”

Rob via Amazon


“Thank you, Niamh, for taking time to give us the best of the best of your individual time management coaching all together in one very easy to read, absorb and apply book!”

Gina via Amazon


“If you want straight forward, practical advice that can be implemented on an individual or team level, this is for you.”

Tricia via Goodreads


“A practical guide to working from home. I will be bringing the tips back to the office with me as well!”

Sarah via Email